Marketing Ideas and Strategies

The Problem:

Marketers have been deceiving and spamming the public for centuries in order to take their money, creating a perpetual state of animosity.

The Solution:

Be honest with people and give them something they will appreciate. A good start is with honest information about your product or service.
All of our marketing strategies are based on two simple marketing ideas:
Provide truthful information about your product or service.

This is very easy - just tell them what it is.

Forget marketing in this step.
Do not push your product or service on the customer.

They already know what it is. If they want it, they will find you.

Forget marketing in this step as well.

Okay, in step two you shouldn't really forget marketing. Just be creative and original.
Marketing is an art, not a science bent on manipulating people's purchasing behavior.

Well, on second thought. . . maybe it is. Maybe that is what is wrong with marketing.
Perhaps that is why we need Anti-Marketing.

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