Internet Security Software - Anti-Virus and Firewalls

Virus protection is critical to your Internet security. Using effective anti-virus software along with a firewall can save you money, time, frustration, and a very large headache.

Internet Security Using Anti-Virus Software

Panda Antivirus Platinum - Internet security software that detects and eliminates all types of viruses; effective against new, unknown viruses; protects you when sending and receiving e-mails, downloading files or working on the Internet; protects against hackers - includes firewall protection; automatic updates for new viruses; price $69.95
McAfee VirusScan - anti-virus software; protects your PC, files and email address book from high-risk viruses, worms and trojans; automatically checks for virus updates; email scanning, instant sessage scanning; detects potentially malicious desktop applications like spyware, adware, Web dialers; AutoClean feature; price $29.95
Trend Micro PC-cillin - combines advanced virus detection and cleaning with an integrated firewall to safeguard your system from hackers and malicious code threats in email and instant messaging, and while surfing the Internet; price $39.95
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Products - specifically developed to provide Internet security for personal computers; has a clean and simple interface and a central management system; includes permanent e-mail anti-virus filtration; $49.95 (personal version)

Internet Security Using Firewalls

A firewall is a network security device that ensures that all communications attempting to cross it meet your security settings. Firewalls have varying degrees of effectiveness; you may want to read SamSpade's opinion on personal firewalls before investing in one.
Check Point FireWall-1 Small Office - Check Point is a leader in Internet security and firewall technology; installation of this product requires knowledge of network administration; price $693.00
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus - provides security for identity theft prevention; blocks access to sensitive files, financial records and personal data; lets you trace the source of hacker attacks; assists you in avoiding future threats and alerting the proper authorities (including ISPs or law enforcement); price $34.95 (annual subscription)
Kaspersky Anti-Hacker - personal firewall providing full-scale protection for PCs running Windows against all unauthorized attempts to access data from both the Internet and Intranets; analyzes the activity of Internet connected applications such as Web-browsers, mail applications, file transfer application, etc.; automatic self-learning system; price $39.00 (one-time purchase)

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