Internet Privacy Software and Organizations

Your Internet privacy is at risk from big businesses, unscrupulous advertisers, and government agencies, who are constantly collecting your personal information, normally for reasons you would prefer them not to. You can protect your privacy with Internet privacy software and by learning about your privacy rights and options.

Internet Privacy Software

Evidence Eliminator - advanced Windows hard-drive cleaner that defeats forensic analysis software as used by police and government agencies; simple to use - press one button for total Internet privacy every day; secure deletion processes similar to US Government Military standards; elimination of sensitive files and data - even if locked by the Windows operating system; price $134.95 (one-time charge)
Anonymizer Safe Surfing Suite - Internet privacy software that keeps all your vital information "unlisted" against internet threats, such as hackers, cookies, web bugs and more; block pop-ups; also helps stop spam by blocking e-mail address harvesting by spammers; filters and blocks cookies, banner ads, tracking bugs and more; the Suite combines combines Anonymous Surfing, Anti-Spyware and Digital Shredder Lite; price $49.99 (one-year subscription)

Internet Privacy Organizations and Websites

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse - a nonprofit consumer education, research, and advocacy program; also provides practical tips on financial and Internet privacy protection and resources for victims of identity theft.

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