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The Rise of Monopolies

Another trend has been towards industry consolidation, where the big players purchase their smaller competitors to meet their revenue growth targets and to occasionally keep prices high (this is technically illegal, but the law of supply and demand supports this assertion quite handily). In the retail industry, especially in small to medium-sized towns across the nation, one particular (unnamed) company provides a compelling argument for the evils of monopolies. The karmatic crimes committed by this merciless predator are legendary. When this company moves into a location, most of its smaller competitors are driven out of business. When it has firm control over the retail economy, it can then provide inferior goods and service at the maximum tolerable price levels. coffers of the monopolistic entity.
Warning - as time goes on, the monopoly will NOT continue to offer low prices when it can extract higher prices from its customers. A company's responsibility to maximize shareholder value assures us of this. Additionally, as this company grows in power, it enhances its ability to control and squeeze its suppliers, effectively transferring their profits into the coffers of the monopolistic entity.
Beware of the corporate behemoth in retail and several other industries such as software, banking, telecom, and media distribution. We are already paying the price.

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