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Bipolarization of the USA

Another consequence of these media-engineered hysterics is that people are conditioned to ride an emotional rollercoaster built on excitement, fear, euphoria, and anger. Only the most sensational stories are broadcast, and they are often exaggerated or finessed to elicit the desired nature and severity of our response to them. If the news has been frightening, the media will use that angle until we either become numb to it, or it begins to negatively impact advertising revenues. Then, they will choose a different emotion to manipulate, focusing on those stories most likely to sway us. This seems true even of the weather. . . how many times have we all seen hordes of people rush to the store to stock up on milk and other essentials in advance of a storm? And more often than not, the storm never even happens, or it keeps us inside for a few hours. We predictably respond to the emotional tides that they control by pushing our buttons on a daily basis, so we stay on the edge of our seats and always come back for more. We are bored with the mundane, so we feed off of the sensation the media creates. We feel larger than life. More terrified. More ecstatic.

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