Archive of Enlightenment for Economics, Politics, and the Media

The archive of enlightenment features individuals who have opened our eyes to the realities of economics, politics, and the media. We would like to honor these great minds and brave individuals for raising our level of political and corporate awareness, and for laying the groundwork for building a more enlightened and just society.
The following individuals have earned our Anti-Marketing Award for Enlightenment:
Noam Chomsky - Political and Media Sage. Perhaps the single greatest source of inspiration for Anti-Marketing. Author of essential books for your library, including:
Ben H. Bagdikian - Author of The Media Monopoly . Read this book for some serious enlightenment about the past, present, and ominous future of media control.

Enlightenment through Altruism

Altruists International - provides enlightenment about the problems of capitalism with some real SOLUTIONS involving altruism.

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