The Anti-Marketing Blacklist of Deceptive Advertisers and Corporations

The following organizations have earned a place on the Anti-Marketing Blacklist for either (1) egregiously violating the principles of anti-marketing (deceptive advertisers) or for (2) committing corporate crimes as deceptive and/or monopolistic corporations.
Hall of Shame
Deceptive Advertisers
  • Gator
  • TrafficMagnet
  • TopSites
  • Spam Arrest
  • Virtumundo
  • Republican National Committee
  • Credicorp Inc.
  • Nigerian Email Scammers*
  • Sanford Wallace** (Spyware)
Corporate Criminals and Monopolies
  • Wal Mart
  • Halliburton
  • Monsanto
  • ExxonMobil
  • Philip Morris
  • Bayer
  • DuPont
  • Procter & Gamble
*This group of evil human beings sends out emails pretending to be royalty forced to flee their country (usually Africa). They normally quote some huge amount of money (millions) they want to deposit in your bank account. The catch is that they either ask you to send them some up-front money or they get your banking details and steal from your account. They also have similar scams targeting real estate companies where they pose as prospective buyers. For hilarious accounts of turning the tables on scammers, see 419 Eater (the audio files by Shiver Metimbers are classics).
**If your computer has been plagued by spyware programs, mysteriously opening CD-ROM drives, multitudes of pop-up ads for anti-spyware programs, and even rendered unusable, this person may be responsible. Remember his name. . .
To submit an organization for inclusion on our blacklist, send the name and website (if applicable) of the candidate and your case against them to

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