Anti-Spam Software and Organizations

Regulation of spam through legislation has been slow and mostly ineffective.
You can reduce the amount of spam you receive by installing anti-spam software and
by educating yourself about spam and how to fight it at various anti-spam websites.

Free Anti-Spam Software

SpamPal - uses a simple but effective filtering rule in your email program; you can download additional plug-ins for Bayesian filtering, URL checking, and RegEx filtering; price $0.00 (free download)

Anti-Spam Software for Purchase

MailWasher Pro - view email on the server before it gets to your computer; delete email or bounce spam back to sender; includes friends and blacklist support; works with Outlook / Outlook Express, Eudora, POP3, IMAP, AOL and Hotmail/MSN; easy to use interface; 30 day free trial; price $29.95 (one-time charge)
McAfee SpamKiller - employs a variety of spam blocking techniques; filters multiple email accounts; works with Outlook / Outlook Express, POP3, MAPI and MSN/Hotmail accounts; price $24.95 (annual subscription)
Kaspersky Anti-Spam - highly intelligent system dedicated to protecting businesses with small and medium-size networks against spam; filters the content of all message components; works with any mail system; price starts at $98.00 for 10 email addresses

Anti-Spam Webmail Solution

Terabolic Radium provides secure, private webmail with effective anti-spam filters.

Anti-Spam Organizations and Websites

Sam Spade - An assortment of free online tools for tracing the origins of spammers.
Forward your spam to federal authorities at the Spam Recycling Center!
Spamhaus - Spamhaus tracks the worst Spammers and works with ISPs and Law Enforcement Agencies to identify and remove persistent spammers from the Internet. - Home of the FAQ for the newsgroup Read their excellent "Spamfighting Overview". - The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email is an all volunteer organization, which advocates for a legislative solution to the problem of spam.
An informative and entertaining article about Spambusters and the origins of spam.

Anti-Spam for Webmasters

Anti-Spam Tips - for webmasters rather than users, to foil address harvester bots and generally make spammers work harder for less reward.

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