Introduction to Anti-Globalization - Definition and Resources

Our definition of anti-globalization only scratches the surface of this very important but complex movement. For further reading, see our list of pro-G and anti-G organizations.


The process of exploiting economically weak countries by connecting the economies of the world, forcing dependence on (and ultimately servitude to) the western capitalist machine.


A grassroots movement to counter the trend of globalization and its harmful effects, and to reform unbridled capitalism.
Save the World!
Anti-Globalization Organizations
Pro-Globalization Organizations
IMPORTANT: Read more about Globalization of the Internet in the Hall of Shame.

A Philosophy of Anti-Marketing: Responsible Economics

Economic growth, social development, and personal fulfillment can be achieved in the absence of what has become the religious-like devotion of the Western world, the United States most notably, to the doctrine of profit maximization over social responsibility, to the improvement of shareholder value over the improvement of human value, to the misplaced faith in cut-throat competition over political cooperation and fundamental decency. Indeed, perfect economic efficiency must not be the primary goal of society; rather economics must once again be approached as a means to an end, not as an end in itself.
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